Euphorbia Mask Sheet Box

1. Mondsub’s Collagen Lip Mask – INR 200
Mondsub Gold Collagen Lip Mask carries moisturizing and brightening properties. It nourishes lips
thoroughly and fades lip fine lines. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it replenishes and moisturizes lips
leaving them feeling soft and supple for long hours.
2. Mondsub’s Pearl Revitalizing 3D Hanging ear, Face & Neck Mask –
INR 250
Combining the pearl extract from the deep sea, which contains rich minerals, vitamins and amino acid,
added with hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract, Mondsub Pearl Revitalizing 3D Hanging Ear Face &
Neck Mask efficiently hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

3. Mondsub’s Bio – Gold Collagen Eye Mask – INR 200
Give your beauty regime a fresh kick-start with Mondsub Golden Collagen Eye Mask, which
removes wrinkles around the eye area and also minimizes pores.
4. Mondsub’s Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Mask– INR 250
Combat the signs of aging with Mondsub Anti-wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Mask which diminishes
wrinkles and fine lines giving you a bright glow. Formulated with several plant extracted essences, this
formula is specially designed for dry skin, mature or prematurely aging skin.

5. Mondsub’s Cherry Brightening Facial Mask – INR 250
Mondsub 6 in 1 Fruit Face Mask Series consists of 6 types of instant facial masks to keep your skin fresh
and radiant for a week. It rehydrates and moisturizes skin effectively, leaving it smooth and soft. It
accelerates cell renewal, brightens and tightens skin. The mask creates a cooling sensation and calms
skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

6. A Complimentary Lip Stick from Matt Look

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