12 Months Euphorbiabox Subscription – With Choices (Starting August 2019)


Buying this, you’ll get Euphorbiabox Subscription For 12 Months Starting From August 2019. The Choices are applicable for only the current first month box.

This month box contains exactly 5 products in one Bag. One product is fixed, while you’ll get the option two choose 3 different products from 3 different categories and you can also choose the bag. You’ll also get one more product which will be randomly chosen by us.

Product Details

  1. Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator
  2. Your Chosen Product From Ear Rings Category
  3. Your Chosen Product From Makeup Category
  4. Your Chosen Product From Skin Care Category
  5. A Random Product Chosen By Us For You

All these products in the BAG of Your Choice. 😍

Buy this product and as soon as you complete the payment successfully, you’ll receive a choice link. By clicking on that unique link, you’ll be able to set the choices.

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