How It Works

Here at EuphorbiaBox, We Sell Beauty Products Individually as well as in the form of Monthly Subscription Boxes.

You can click on any of the product you like and then can purchase it by adding it to the cart. It’s that simple.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription Boxes are the issued every month by EuphorbiaBox. These boxes contain a number of beauty products handpicked by our Experts.

Here are some more details regarding Subscription Boxes:

Subscription Boxes are available in four plans:

  • 1 Month Plan
  • 3 Months Plan
  • 6 Months Plan
  • 1 Year Plan

If you buy 1 Month Plan, you’ll be delivered the Subscription Box of the current month. For Example, If you buy the Subscription Box of September, you’ll receive the September Edition only.

If you buy our other plans of the Subscription Boxes, you’ll be delivered a new Subscription Box every month as long as your plan term vanishes. For Example, if you order the 3 Months Plan in the Month of September, you’ll get the subscription Boxes of September, October, and November, in the respective months. Make sure, in the duration of one month, only one Subscription Box is sent to you. The next subscription box will be sent to you, the next month and this chain continues until the term length vanishes.

How It Works